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1. How many sessions are essential to get the wanted results?

In order to give you the correct information, it is necessary to first make a medical history of the area to be treated and evaluate the piliferous density, the type of hair and skin. It will also be necessary to evaluate the client's state of health and establish the goal to achieve. Based on all these data, it will be possible to plan a personalized program and then estimate a minimum number of sessions to be performed.

2. Can I undergo to the session after waxing?

To make the treatment it is necessary first to shave the specific area, in fact, the light of the machinery, identifies the hair's melanin and subsequently reaching the hair bulb, burning it; in the days following the treatment, the hair treated and the growth slow down is immediately reduced.

3. Can the treatment be performed on the area where I have a tattoo?

Yes, but only in the area where the tattoo is not present. In fact, it is not possible to carry out the treatment on the tattoo and, for safety, the tattoo is carefully shaded and covered.

4. Can the treatment be carried out during the menstrual cycle?

There are no side effect to treatment during the menstrual cycle.

5. Are there any age limits to undergo to the treatment?

There are no age limits. In fact, for the traceability or not of an area, it is essential the presence of melanin in the hair, so not one of a white hair. As for adolescents, however, it is advisable to wait for the first menstrual cycle or hormonal stabilization.