Laser photo-epilation is the innovative technique able to solve the problems related to unwanted hair in a more decisive way and to counteract its growth. Through the selective photothermolysis generated by our system, in fact, it is possible to eliminate the hairs by completely burning the hair bulb, allowing you to avoid continuous sessions with waxing and electronic epilators. Thanks to the 808 nm diode you can obtain extraordinary and long-lasting results, also guaranteeing a smooth and healthy skin, without the blemishes caused by waxing or razors. Laser photo-epilation is advisable, therefore, also for those who due to continuous waxing and the use of razor, have had hair follicle irritation and pilonidal cysts.

In addition to this, laser hair removal has many other advantages also from an aesthetic point of view. In fact, by favoring a slow growth of the hair, laser epilation allows to reduce the amount of hairs and decrease the diameter and strength of the hair. In this way you can get permanent results on the elimination of unwanted hair during the various sessions.

This gradual method offers the serenity of obtaining sure results, without take strange solutions and without causing irritation or damage to your health. The method is highly secure and at Depilstop Martina Franca we offer professionalism and quality in the use of laser machinery. Come to us to try our laser photo-epilation, we will offer you a complete advice on the sessions to be performed and all the information you need about this particular hair removal technique. Follow our blog and give your opinion we will reply as soon as possible.