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Advanced aesthetic treatments


Diode laser

Bellamente offers its customers the laser epilation treatment in Martina Franca carried out with the 808nm diode laser, the latest technology device, able of making a very accurate selection of the hair and identifying its melanin. The laser energy is absorbed by the pigment of the hair reaching the hair bulb and burning it permanently through the dermotermolysis. Thanks to this technique the subsequent hair growth is blocked, offering a satisfactory result in the long term.
The machine we use for selective photothermolysis is water-cooled and this allowing to work in total safety and to avoid burns on the skin.



Radiofrequency is a recent technique that is spreading both in aesthetics and in the medical field. It is now widely used to avoid invasive surgical operations and to replace the scalpel, offering many advantages from different points of view. In the aesthetic field, through the heat of radiofrequencies, it stimulates the production of collagen, thus restoring tone and elasticity to every type of skin.
Radiofrequency for the face, for example, is widely used for a facelift effect for the treatment of wrinkles, acne or to improve the relaxation of the skin on the face.

Mode of operation
The radiofrequency machine's heat penetrates a few millimeters under the skin, starting to drain and tense the collagen stimulating a facelift effect. With the production of new collagen, therefore, the heat defines and reduces the sebaceous glands which cause acne. You will get a final result after a few months of treatment, noticing a more toned, more relaxed and absolutely free of blemishes.

Radiofrequency treatment
Radiofrequency is a professional treatment that can be carried out by a doctor or by professional beauticians such as those at Bellamente beauty center. This type of non-invasive surgery is recommended and suitable for any phototype and there is no age limit, even if greater results are achieved in young age. The procedure lasts about 25 minutes in addition to the time for skin preparation before treatment.
The results, although not immediate, occur gradually and depends on the personal production times of collagen. Even a single session is useful to obtain a good result, but, if necessary, it will be possible to agree with the operator the necessary sessions for a total and long-lasting result.

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With a machinery that performs a mechanical massage on the lower limbs, on the abdomen and if necessary on the arms, pressotherapy is a technique that stimulates venous and lymphatic circulation. Specifically, the presso-massage gives a sense of lightness and general well-being of the involved arts. The bracelets, used for the lower limbs, make a massage that promote lymphatic reflux, eliminating impurities and draining the stagnant liquids in others.
This therapy is effective to restore venous and lymphatic circulatory function by helping to reduce the swelling, muscle tension and pain that can be felt on the legs that drain excess fluids.
Pressomassage therapy can be used to counteract the first symptoms of bad circulation, against cellulite and to perform lymphatic drainage.
Everyone can undergo pressure therapy.
For those with problems related to varicose veins, arterial or heart failure and thrombosis, we recommend a visit with your doctor before taking the sessions.

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Mode of operation
Pressure carried out by the machinery modify the compactness and drainage capacity of the tissue, working both on the venous circulatory system and on the lymphatic system.
Our staff will be happy to examine the peculiarities of our machinery and the beneficial properties of the presso-massage.